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ねんどろいど桐乃&黒猫 ダブルレビュー Nendoroid Kirino & Kuroneko Double Review

Nendoroid Kousaka Kirino & Kuroneko’s double review! Way too long overdue, but at last it is here and I’m glad myself. I have always been meaning to take a photoshoot of Nendoroid Kirino and Nendoroid Kuroneko, but I could never get around to actually do it. One day, I made a little free time, and decided to photoshoot Kirino and Kuroneko both at once. I think that this photoshoot turned out really well, so please enjoy it!

Front of the boxes. I forgot how much I love Nendoroid boxes. (T^T)

The back of the boxes, as well as the stickers for their DVD cases and bags. So nice to have many options, except that I can’t seem to understand where I’m supposed to stick Kuroneko’s doujinshi stickers. Any help?

Front view. Kuroneko came out of the box sneering already.

All of the face options.

Already quick to brag and annoy Kirino.


このポーズ最高! The best pose ever!

Kuroneko continues on.

Probably my favorite face part for Kuroneko.

猫耳としっぽ。 Nekomimi and shippo (tail).

Fully equipped, the real Kuroneko.

Kirino plays with her phone. Lovely to see that it is decorated with details!

Going shopping~

Surrounded in heaven. 千歳佐奈=最高の妹。

あの顔がたまらない! Can’t get enough of that face!

Enjoying a day’s worth of purchases.

And then comes Kuroneko.

Showing Kirino what a real worthwhile purchase is.

Truely, the face of Kuroneko. (o´ω`o)

Kuroneko Dance!! So cute~

以上、ねんどろいど桐乃と黒猫のレビューでした(英語ばかりってごめんね)。 Hope you enjoyed this double  review of Nendoroid Kousaka Kirino and Kuroneko!

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