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ねんどろいど金色の闇 レビュー Nendoroid Konjiki no Yami Review

Alright, I have teased you with the image of this Nendoroid in the top banner for about a year now. It is finally time to get the rest of these photos out. I’m really enjoying the ToLoveRu Darkness manga right now. I’m still a little disappointed that I wasn’t in Japan long enough to personally buy vol. 5 though. It was released like about a week after I have to leave? Yep, I was pretty disappointed when I found that out.

Front of the box. Underneath the name in Japanese, you can see in smaller print “Konjiki no Yami”, which I’m very happy that they didn’t put the translated name instead.
I believe that it was around this time that Good Smile Company started to put the names in the proper way. Good job!

Yami’s box is a little bit wider than the standard Nendoroid boxes, as shown in comparison with Ikaros’s box. Back of the box on the right.

Inside the box, here are the contents. The reason for the increased box size is pretty apparent.

Here she is, Konjiki no Yami in all of her puchi puchi cuteness! (>ω<)ノ

A gimmick that I had not realized until this Nendoroid actually arrived in my hands is that she has a magnetic stand. A very well executed idea and I wish that they would do this a little more often. One concern is that the joints of the stand itself may loosen over time if you wish to have the Nendoroid go up aerial.

Konjiki no Yami comes with three face parts, which is fairly standard. I think that all of the expressions are well chosen, which doesn’t necessarily apply to every Nendoroid.

Option parts! Yum, taiyaki. You get three pieces, all of which you can fit into a bag attached to the right hand, or you can have her hold a piece with her left hand.
Very nifty in my opinion. ^^

Yami is enjoying her taiyaki when she gets interrupted by someone…


The inclusion of this massive hair part was quite ambitious and I thought that they pulled the idea off really well, especially because of the magnetic stand. Given how impressive this is however, it feels especially wrong not to have included a simple blade for her arm.

Instead of a blade, you can have Yami hold a book. Which is ok, but it definitely does not have as much posing potential or fun as a blade, so I don’t imagine myself actually using this part very often.

And so back at a couple shots with the taiyaki. I really love the way her eyes were done, it seems as if they slightly glow or radiant.

So that is it for my review of the Nendoroid Konjiki no Yami! She is a spectacular Nendoroid and I would love to have more from the series. Since Yami was made, we do have some hope at the very least. I suppose only time will tell. Until then, see ya!







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