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ねんどろいど 能美クドリャフカ [冬服 ver.] レビュー                                          Nendoroid Noumi Kudryavka [Fuyufuku ver.] Review

ねんどろいど能美クドリャフカ [冬服 ver.]の「デスクトップレビュー」です。「デスクトップレビュー」とは初めてフィギュアが届いたとき、デスク(机)の上(トップ)にレビューをする。他には日本語でうまく言えないので、読みたいなら下の英語を読んでください、すみません。ではさっそくねんどろいどクッドレビューを続けましょう。

Welcome to Nendoroid Noumi Kudryavka [Fuyufuku ver.]’s desktop review. What is a desktop review? Well, I have always wanted to do reviews for my figures but I never get to it because: they are in a good pose and I don’t want to mess with it, they are boxed and I don’t want to get them out, I’m just plain lazy and didn’t want to set up all the equipment. So when could I possibly do the reviews? When I’m first opening them of course! These photos are straight from my desktop as I’m fiddling with the figure for the first time. The bad thing being that I have no control over the lighting. I hope to be able to do Desktop Reviews for most, if not all, of my new incoming figures. Otherwise I may never get to them, like the majority of my previous figures.


The front of the box. Kud is my first Nendoroid that was not made by Good Smile Company but rather it was made by Gift instead. Also, the name in romaji at the bottom, it says “Huyuhuku”. For those who don’t know, “Fu” and “Hu” are the same, but the latter is uncommon. 冬服 (fuyufuku) means “winter clothing”, as in the winter uniform.

The sides and back of the box.

The plastic packaging.


Kud comes with the new kind of bases, which I prefer many, many times over the old type. It is much more secure and it can be adjusted.


The front and various angles. A very happy face for the default face!


A close-up, her 2 fangs were painted with deadly accuracy! I’m very impressed. The mantle can be taken off. Once the mantle is off, you will notice that her ribbon came off too! Without a worry, just plug her spare ribbon in.

Without the mantle.

Despite having such long hair, Kud can look up surprisingly high.


With the mantle on, her arm movement is quite restricted. It can only go up by about this much. In order to let her arms move more freely, you can equip an alternate mantle. As you can see, the alternate mantle has the shoulder areas lifted.

With the alternate mantle, she can raise her arm like so.


Kud also comes with, what at first, looks like a really thick arm. At the joint, it says “R”, meaning it’s her right arm. I soon figured out what it is for once I rotated it around. As you can see, it is a more natural-looking raised right arm. By the way, Kud’s hands are different from the usual GSC Nendoroid hands. I’d rather have the puni-puni looking hands from GSC…


Here is one of Kud’s pets, Belka, as well as a frisbee and a hand to hold it. When I first saw the frisbee, I thought it was a plate. ^^;;

Using some of the accessories above for a scene like this.

Kud’s “Wafuu” face!

Close-up. Kud without this face isn’t Kud!


Of course she comes with her hat, so let’s put her hat on! I’m surprised that all of the colors are painted very nicely. A note of caution though, when putting her hat on, do so very lightly as the hat can make easily make dents on Kud’s hair.


To transform Kud into “wanko” mode (わんこ wanko, doggy), just attach her “inumimi” (犬耳 inumimi, dog ears) onto the inside of the hat and then her “inu-shippo”
(犬尻尾 inu-shippo, dog tail) to a spare skirt, which has a hole for the tail. That was exactly what I was going to go after taking the photos but as you can see in the middle picture, the hole for the waist is smaller on the spare skirt!

直した。Problem fixed. ^^;

Wanko mode Kud. She’s so cute. ^^

Wanko mode Kud and “Wafuu” face!

Wanko mode Kud and “Troubled” face! It’s so adorable!

It doesn’t just end there. Equip these bent arms and…

It’s too adorable!!! Hnnnnnng!

Close up!

以上、ねんどろいど能美クドリャフカ [冬服 ver.]のデスクトップレビューでした!I hope that you enjoyed this desktop review of Nendoroid Noumi Kudryavka [Fuyufuku ver.]!

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