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ねんどろいど雪ミク[たのしい雪あそび ed.] レビュー Nendoroid Yuki Miku [Tanoshii Asobi ed.] Review

Yay, it’s Winter, my favorite season. While it is still Winter, I thought that it would be appropriate to finally make this post now rather than delaying it for another year. Without further delays, a quick tour of the box below.

This Nendoroid’s box is massive. Lots of goodies tucked inside, but I sure have a tough time aligning this with my other Nendoroid boxes.

A checklist to make sure that you have got all the right pieces.

The size and amount of stuff inside is quite overwhelming. A first for a Nendoroid? For me at least.

Starting with the ice tray, it is a pretty nifty addition to the Nendoroid. Who wants regular ice cubes when you got this? The tray itself is made of a soft, bendable plastic. With it, you can mold your ice into 2 leeks, a banner, 2 hemispheres, Hatsune Miku, and Hachune Miku.

While waiting for the ice to freeze, here is a shot of Yuki Miku itself, along with the Hachune face yukidaruma (snowman). Feel free to stare at this photo for as long as you think it takes ice to freeze.

Soon enough, it is done. Truth to be told, it was extremely difficult to get the Hachune and Hatsune Miku ice molds out of the tray. I managed to get them out after some time. Now, I have to take these photos quick, before they meltdown on my desk.

First, the Hachune and Hatsune Miku molds. I used regular tap water from the kitchen and you can’t quite see them clearly. I heard that it is better to use mineral water to have the ice clear up. They have a flat stand molded along with their feet, so you can actually have them stand up.

On the left is a banner like thing with “Nendoroid Yuki Miku” molded across it. And on the right, I might as well have some fun as the ice melts on my desk. For the hemispheres, you can’t really make out the design on the ice. The leeks are quite thin, so care must be used or else they will break.

Now to clean up the mess. I actually accidentally took a sip of that after taking photos for the review. NOT tasty.

Before we dive into photos of Yuki Miku, I want to talk about some problems I have with this Nendoroid first. The video will illustrate my points more clearly. First, the neck joint is quite loose. If you move her twin tails back, then her head is likely to go topple backwards. My 3 to 4 years old regular Hatsune Miku still doesn’t have that problem. Second, because of the newly added indents onto the peg of the neck joint, whenever I try to exchange face parts, the joint will stick to the body, rather than the face part. Third, the peg for the stand is really quite short. That makes it hard to snap by accident, but I have doubts as to how secure it is in holding up the Nendoroid.

The reason why I delayed drafting this post for a year was because I wanted to retake the photos but never got to it. So I have simply decided to just post what I have, rather than delaying it further. Below are the retaken photos of the spin-around, which are the only photos I ever got to retaking.

For such a gorgeous Nendoroid, a gorgeous background along with gorgeous lighting is what I wanted to take photos with. This is it for the retaken shots, so back to the regular photos below.

Stunning details on this Nendoroid. The paint finish looks good, the painting were spot on and those translucent parts are outright beautiful.

Don’t forget that you can switch out the headphones. You can go with the earmuff headphones, the regular Miku headphones, or none at all if you wish.

Keep your hands and neck warm with some gloves and a scarf. Both of which I need actually…

Being the Tanoshii Yuki Asobi edition, she can move quite freely. A few poses below.

So that’s it for all of the photos that I had taken. Sorry for somewhat of a partial review. I still have not play around with some option parts such as the Hachune face or the ice leeks myself. To check out everything that this Nendoroid Yuki Miku has to offer, I recommend you to take a look at Mirumausu-san’s review. He is a fellow Japanese blogger, but I think the photos convey enough even if you can’t read Japanese. His review covers everything that I didn’t.

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