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1/8 金色の闇 レビュー Konjiki no Yami Review

1/8 金色の闇 Konjiki no Yami by GSC, my 1st Scaled Figure. When I first got her, I was very impressed & happy, but I kept her in the box for over a year. Finally here is her 1st photoshoot. I’m very glad that I finally took a photoshoot of Yami-chan. I’ve not watched ToLoveる yet, but I have always wanted to. Given my schedule of things, I probably won’t be able to start until the summer of 2011 (my prediction was very close, I started in late April).

俺の初めてのフィギュアはこれ、グッドスマイルカンパニーの1/8 金色の闇。初めてのフィギュアとして、素晴らしい選択だと思う。「ToLoveる」のアニメはまだ見てないけど、キャラクターデザインが可愛いと思う。

Originally released in April of 2009, I bought her in August of that year on ebay. I no longer use ebay, but at that time I got very lucky with my bid & won Yami-chan with no competition. ^ ^;;

I really love how dynamic her pose is, especially with her hair swinging around & the details of the worn out ends of her dress(?).


In my opinion, the face is one of the most important part of any figure. So there are many shots that zooms close-up to the face.


Such a powerful glare!

Below are 2 almost identical shots, the left one has an additional light source on the left which brings out her hair, while the right one doesn’t. Which one do you prefer?


I couldn’t really decide so I uploaded both and have you pick instead. ^ ^; Both looks very nice in my opinion! (^ω^)b

Diagonal shot. I thought that this shot might have been great or even better with her blade, which I actually never used even once since I was scared of pulling out her arm back at the time. I also still think that the blade arm is kind of creepy. ^ ^;


Hmm…I really like this shot. I think it’s very cute. ^ ^


Zoomed out a little bit, upper body shot. You are always going to see her hair flowing out to all sides.

Finely sculpted. (°¬°) いただきます~

The silver star-shaped thing is actually hollow, so you can actually see a little bit of her chest through it. Awesome detail, but if only it was a bit lower… °¬°

Simply amazing details. The bands on Yami-chan’s legs are neatly painted, nothing spilled over. Even the bands inside her boots are neatly painted! ^ω^


NSFW below!? Low angle shots! ローアングル!

Pantsu is white. Love those wrinkles! (°¬°)


Her hair flows really nicely. It emphasizes the swirling motion that Yami-chan is in the midst of. ^ ^


Oppai-wise, she is a little on the smaller side, but it’s not bad! As for the details on her waist, all of which are neatly painted and nothing got spilled over. I also love the use of gloss and matte finish. ^ ^

おっぱいの方は大きくはないけど、悪くない!腰のディティールも丁寧に塗装されているし、色がはみ出してもいない。それに、つや入れとつや消しの仕上がりも素晴らしい。 ^ ^

The back of her head is really simple and smooth. Not really a spot that one would normally pay attention to.

Overall, this figure of 金色の闇 Konjiki no Yami by Good Smile Company is excellent and I am very glad to have her. Her pose is dynamic, the details are plenty & sharp, and all in all she simply looks great. There isn’t a lot of Yami figures out there and arguably, there is only one other good figure of Yami-chan. My only complaint with this figure is that her face could have been more bubbly & chubbier. It would have been so cute! (^ω^)


以上!Hope you enjoyed this photoshoot!

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