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Fixing Figma BGS’s Knee Joint

I have had quite a couple broken Nendoroid joints but recently I had broken my first Figma joint. Unexpectedly, it is one of my more recent Figma, Black Gold Saw. What happened was pretty simple, BGS fell off from my desk and unto my floor. Even though my floor is carpeted, it still broke. Or rather…that is exactly why it broke.

What snapped apart was BGS’s knee joint, more specifically, at one of the pegs. I can only assume how it happened, and my assumption is that when BGS hit the carpet floor, one of the many pointy parts snagged on the carpet and as BGS starts to bounce, it was stuck and so the force snapped the peg. However it happened, I was quite angry as you may imagine. I already had lots of other issues with BGS and worse of all, there are no replacements for the joint.

The only option left was to repair the broken joint. Just gluing the broken pieces back together doesn’t seem strong enough, I want to actually reinforce it with metal.

Figma BGS’s knee joint is a special larger joint, which I’m very grateful for. Even for a larger joint though, finding a metal rod that tiny was not easy. In the end I had to use a needle, which was of course too long. So I heated it, cooled it, and repeat until the needle was weakened then broke it shorter. I actually had to shorten it even more than shown in the above image.

Now, don’t do this. I heated the needle and stuck it in but it almost melted the entire peg off. Plastic melts, I knew that, however I didn’t expected the melting point to be this low. Luckly, I was able to save it. The insides of the joint was also more complicated than I thought, so I had to modify and cut bits and pieces out. It worked out alright for me so I’m just glad for that.

Now it is time to repair the battle scars with some putty and epoxy putty. I’m very very glad that this joint is black, because then I can just easily take a black pen and ink it that way.

Viola! Done. Perfect, and you can hardly tell it that it even broke in the first place. I’m pretty happy that I managed to fix it. If this happened any more though (especially to a joint that is not black), then I just might crash. (≥×≤)

I put the joint back into the leg and tested it out. It’s working great so far, I don’t think that it will break again anytime soon. Fixing joints really are difficult opposed to just replacing them, so I hope that none of your figures ever break. Do be careful and take care of your precious figures!

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