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Figma 秋山望美 レビュー Akiyama Nozomi Review

Figma 秋山望美[制服 ver.]のレビューです!秋山望美はマックスファクトリーのブランド「Native」の無料エロゲ「Se・きらら」のヒロインの1人です。私はこのゲームをプレイしていますが、

This is Figma Akiyama Nozomi [Seifuku ver.]’s review! Akiyama Nozomi is one of the heroines of the eroge, Se・Kirara, made by Native with association to Max Factory. This game was distributed for free, online & offline, but the free distribution has ended now. Although I’m playing this game, I have not began Nozomi-chan’s route yet.


Nozomi-chan comes with 3 face options: Normal, Smiling, & Troubled faces. The Normal and Smiling faces look to the left.


Backside. Although she has long hair, her hair splits off into 2 sides, so no issues with hindering the stand.

オプション。悔しいけど、私は右拳を2つもらった… o(T^T)o

All of her hand parts and accessories. Unfortunately, I received 2 right fists in place of a left open hand…T^T

ブラ、軟質素材になっています。なぜぺたぺたの望美ちゃんはこんなブラを持っているのは知りませんが、なんだか面白いです。('ー') フフ

Bra, made of out soft plastic. Not sure why our flat Nozomi-chan has a bra like this, but it’s pretty funny. ^^


But instead of blue, I think that green would have looked better on her.


Nozomi-chan also comes with a Go board and containers for Go pieces, but the top of the board itself is empty. It would have been nice if they printed the Go pieces on or be able to swap the top of the board with one that has Go pieces on.


Lastly, Nozomi-chan also have some bathroom supplies, which are a towel, a bar of soap, a bottle of shampoo, a bucket, and a rubber duck.


Posing with these items were kind of hard, but I think that I managed to make the poses quite cute. I especially like the towel, the shape and colors go nicely together.
Now finally, please observe the following video.


She is a very interesting character indeed (mogumogu – sound of munching/eating). In terms of being close to their in-game appearance, Akiyama Nozomi is probably one of the best ones out of all of the Se・きらら Figmas. I would also love to have had this face included. Are more face parts really too much to include?

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