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Figma 八九寺真宵 レビュー Hachikuji Mayoi Review

Figma Hachikuji Mayoi’s review/photoshoot! Starting off with the front of the box above~

The other sides of the box for those who are interested, as well as a video of the unboxing below.
Please excuse the moments when the video is unfocused, as my camera cannot auto-focus in video mode.

Out of the box and now armed with her rucksack. My Hachikuji’s paint applications are just about perfect, almost all of the paint spots are neat and accurate.  Which is great and quite important for someone like me. On another note, the texture of her rucksack is oddly smooth and that is pretty nifty. ^^

2 extra faces for a total of 3, all of which looks pretty well done. No more Figma BGS disaster I hope.

First, let’s play with the smiling face! \(゚▽゚*)/♪

I could imagine stars popping out from all around her in the photo above. Sadly, I have no photoshop skills. ^^;;

MAYOI-CHAN KICK! I needed an excuse to show off the bottom of Hachikuji’s shoes, which were neatly painted and it was something I did not expect. ^^
And if you can make it out in the 2 photos above, Hachikuji Mayoi’s pantsu is pink. Quite a refreshing sight, as odd as it may sound.

Since I do not have Figma Arararagi Koyomi, I thought of this alternate use for her wrestling hands. Sp you will just have to do with Hachikuji shooting an imaginary fireball out of her hands. (^▽^;)

Back to smiling.

You will never get lost if you follow the North Star! Maybe…

I really like Mayoi’s character and I think that the options that come with this Figma brings her character out very well.

I really like the above set of photos. The one directly above this line of text is one of my favorite shots out of this entire photoshoot. d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

How the sculptor made the smile on Hachikuji’s face just fits her really well. I can’t get enough of it. ^^


You gave me a closed up umbrella… What else am I supposed to do with it? Poor Hachune… (´ω`;)

Umbrella opened to shield Hachikuji from the rain or sun.

This is when I say “Let’s play with the Shift Body!” but…

The peg that plugs into her upper body appears to be glued by accident. Well, there’s nothing else that I can do but to try pulling it apart without snapping the peg…

Success! Whew, that was close. Luckily, everything seems to be ok. Now to plug in the Shift Body!

And immediately, this idea came up. The Shift Body is painted pretty well, and of course, it looks really nice and smooth without the joints.

Here is Hachikuji Mayoi-chan using the Shift Body to kneel down as it was made for.

Great for playing around with Tako Luka…or perhaps doing erotic poses.

Nothing like a good stretch after some intensive work! Carrying that rucksack around all the time must be tough!

And with this last photo, this concludes my review/photoshoot of Figma Hachikuji Mayoi!

I no longer buy much Figmas anymore, but I had my eyes on Hachikuji and I had a feeling that she would turn out pretty good. In the end, everything was as I thought. On top of that, the paint applications are perfectly fine and the only problem, the glued waist, was fixed without a problem. As for the figure itself, the optional parts are great. The Shift Body definitely makes a huge difference, the face expressions are good, and the pantsu is actually pink. Some nice surprises were the bottom of her shoes and also her clean green bracelet.

In conclusion, I really like this Figma. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the rest of the other Bakemonogatari Figmas, which is why I didn’t pick them up. Although surprisingly, we still haven’t seen a Figma of Oshino Shinobu or Hanekawa Tsubasa, or the one I like better, Black Hanekawa. Whether they will be made remains to be seen. With Nisemonogatari airing, either they will focus on that or perhaps finish Bakemonogatari first. Eitherway, I look forward to more from the series.

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