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Figma 黒猫 レビュー Kuroneko Review

Different sides of the box. The cool purple and pink colors make Kuroneko’s box stand out from other Figma boxes, and it looks quite good.

With the Figma out of the box, here is the front view and a spin-around.

Here are all of the accessories that comes with this Figma. A surprising amount, given Kuroneko’s character. The chair and shift body makes up the bulk of the stuff, and works in combination with the two hands holding a cup and a saucer. In total, you are getting 10 hands with this Figma. To recreate the doujinshi, you get 2 white plates to put 2 different stickers on, of which there are 3 of each sticker.

The 3 face option parts. All of each were well chosen in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the Figma Kuroneko that I received has a noticeable defect in the normal front hair piece. I’m not sure how wide spread this defect is, but I cannot do anything about it since I do not live in Japan anyways.

The same 3 face option parts, but equipped with the nekomimi hair piece instead. This piece has no defects unlike the normal hair piece.

Closed fists have never been more useful.

Another pose~

Ok, she is getting upset now.

Back to the regular hair piece. The defect isn’t too noticeable depending on the angle.

The all important Kuroneko “Ufufufufu” pose can be recreate with the correct face part and a special left hand.

I’m ready to be demoralized into a puddle of mud by Kuroneko’s words.

On the left is Kuroneko’s bag, which is a bit troublesome to use. You have to either take off her arm or head to put it on. On the right are the stickers used for the doujinshi. You get 2 white plates to put the stickers on, but I didn’t use them.

The bag does look really nice and fits Kuroneko perfectly. It looks much more interesting than the typical school bag at least.

The shift body is a fantastic idea. It allows a Figma to take on a pose normally not possible or to make a pose dynamic and solid at the same time. In Kuroneko’s case, it allows her to sit nice and flat on a surface. An exquisite chair is included but you can make Kuroneko sit on the edge of your desk or shelf if you so choose.

Cup and saucer in hand, looking like a lady of high class.

This makes me want a table to go along with her in this pose.

Final shot with Kuroneko holding the white plates that were supposed to be the doujinshi. That’s it for my review of Figma Kuroneko. Thank you for reading!

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