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Figma 白井黒子レビュー Shirai Kuroko Review

So I have been meaning to get this review out, and coincidentally, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S is airing this season. No better timing, right? So here is the review of Figma Shirai Kuroko, which comes with the Limited Edition of the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun PSP game. You can see more information on the game at its official site.

Front of the box, looking great with the four main characters together at their usual spot. The style and size of the box is identical to the Index PSP Limited Edition.

The back of the box shows off the Figma, as well as advertising the game mechanics, such as the characters being fully voiced, beautiful event CGs and animations new to this game, “speedy” and “thrilling” 3D cutscenes, and also the ability to select choices in the story. To sum it all up, this is a visual novel. For those that find this unexciting, this style is essentially the fusion of reading the novel and watching the anime. This kind of gameplay also makes for a solid story-telling, which the Index PSP failed at, since it only showed fragments of scenes and spoilers.

Since I pre-ordered this game, I also received this pre-order bonus, which was a simple cleaner cloth. I absolutely did not expect this when I got the package, and I gotta say that I am pretty satisfied, especially since the illustration is new.

The PSP game case repeats the front and back of the box.

Geez, I’m too careful about how I open my stuff. I’m glad that the wrapping has that nice stripe for you to neatly pull.

Inside the case, the manual presents yet another new illustration, rather than repeating the front of the box. The UMD though, not very spectacular but it carries the visual theme of the series.

Below is a video of the unboxing plus showing off the Figma on the left, and on the right, briefly flipping through the pages of the manual.

Here she is, Shirai Kuroko, in all of her Figma glory.

A very nice expression. That smile is one of a kind.

This is one of the first images I thought of when it comes to Kuroko, light and off on the ground.

A few more random shots.

Kuroko comes with three face option parts. A default smiling face, an overly happy face, and a serious yelling face. I like her smiling face and I’d be very upset if she didn’t have a happy-happy face of some kind, but I am not liking the yelling face very much. I don’t exactly remember her ever yelling like that.

A proud atmosphere, fitting for a level 4 Teleporter.

But this is the true face of her heart.

Running around with handcuffs?


For when she needs to be serious in her Judgement duties.

A high-class lady of the Tokiwadai junior high school.

But this is the Kuroko we all know and love.


Three times the pain.

And back again.

Not enough?


She comes with a second armband and a specific hand for you to recreate this pose. Though I feel that the expression isn’t exactly correct.

Max Factory is trying new things. The pins that are Kuroko’s weapon are molded on a separate plate that you can snap off of and put onto the specific hands to hold them. I believe that they were actually metal.

Various action poses.

This Figma even has additional parts to arm Kuroko up with more stored pins. All you have to do is replace the thigh parts. And oh, her pantsu is a brilliant purple. More colored pantsu please, Max Factory.

Fully armed up.

I like all of these option parts a lot, but how cool would it be to have Kuroko’s lengthy chain belt of pins along with an open backpack to recreate that one scene.

A serious Kuroko is nice too.

The ultimate combi.

How Kuroko really wants to use the handcuffs.



I will stop here and let you imagine the rest.

At first, looking at just pictures of the deco-mas, I wasn’t very impressed at all. But I decided to buy it anyways just because I’m a fan of the series. After playing around with this Figma, it has really grown on me. I say especially so in combination with Figma Misaka Mikoto. Plus, after playing the actual PSP game, it was much better than the Index PSP game. I also got that nice per-order bonus, so I’m very satisfied. If you are a fan of the series, I recommend checking out the game or getting your hands on this Figma if you have Mikoto already.

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