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Figma ホワイトロックシューター レビュー White Rock Shooter Review

Just like Nendoroid Yuki Miku, Figma White Rock Shooter had a photohoot that I wanted to retake the photos of but never did.

The front and side of this big box is illustrated by halves of BRS and WRS’s face. Before playing the game, I had wondered about just who is this White Rock Shooter.
In honesty, the game wasn’t that great, but that belongs to the game’s review. I’m here with photos of the Figma.

One thing that I absolutely love about the design of the box is what I call the “anti-crease” feature. Where you open the box, specific indents were pre-made and when you exert force trying to open the box, it will only bend at those indents. It’s a big thing for box lovers and it is a feature that I would love to see more often.

The back of the box mainly features the exclusive Figma, with only a tiny corner talking about the soundtrack/art book.

This is everything that is inside. As you can see, the Figma took up the majority of the space.

First, the game case itself. The manual cover has a pretty nice illustration. Just like WRS, I had wonder about who that character besides BRS was before playing the game.

This art works is hard covered with an interesting design.

On the inside, you have the CD for the soundtracks on the right, and the art book actually attached to the hard cover casing on the left.

Here is a page of BRS’s concept arts. I actually haven’t seen every page myself because I didn’t want to be spoiled with the characters’ and enemies’ info at the time.

Now to the actual Figma. Unboxing video on the right.

Spin-around of White Rock Shooter before she has any of her massive equipments on.

The combination of each of her face parts in addition to her flaming eye part.

With these hand option parts, she can hold her gigantic scythe pretty well.

Just like what the appearance suggests, the giant spine like wing things are fully articulated. The paint application is quite spot on as well.

Also astonishing is that her hood can transform into an armament that goes over her shoulders. I love the fine details by the way.

The spin-around of White Rock Shooter fully equipped. The stand attaches to the underside of the backpack.

Each blade of the “wing” has really nice details that I’m tempted to bring to life by panel-lining it. And below starts the gallery of poses, so enjoy.

While the game wasn’t very good, I say that the Figma is fantastic, another stunning design by Huke. In the game, she has even more massive armaments that essentially makes her a mech, so it’d be crazy if those were made in Figma. I would love to see it though.

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