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あけましておめでとう!Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 came and went and now we are in a new decade. What’s everyone doing to celebrate? I am just going hang out at home as usual, maybe with a few friends over. Too bad there’s no festivals here like in Japan. Taiga wishes you a good 2010!  (Still haven’t watch Toradora…)

Happy New Year in Japanese is あけましておめでとうございます (akemashite omededou gozaimasu)! You can leave out the ‘gozaimasu’ part if you are not polite and formal. There’s also あけおめ (akeome) for short.

2010 is the year of the Tiger. Anyone know somebody that’s a Tiger? I don’t. Didn’t know that 虎耳 (toramimi) looked so good, especially with a 着物 (kimono)!

Miku-tachi are having fun. Rin looks very cute. ^ ^

On a slightly related matter, what is going to be everyone’s first loot of the new year? I, myself have pre-ordered Figma loli-Nanoha who is coming late January if not delayed. Still trying to get a hold of a Figma Reimu for a decent price (Up to $50 USD). Can anyone help me out? May go desperate… :P

Late Christmas

Sorry, sorry. I had not post for Christmas as I wanted to bunch it up with New Year so that the 1st post besides intro is one for the New Year. Fits well, doesn’t it? Cutie Flandre Scarlet wishes you a good Christmas. Last year and this year!

Anybody wished for an ecchi Christmas? She wants to be your Santa this year. She looks familiar….

This girl also looks familiar….Mmmm…..絶対領域 (zettai ryouiki). Yum, yum….

My very figures hope that you have had a good Christmas. I am sure they did. ^ ^

Haruhi isn’t paying attention. ^ ^;;

Saber Lily: “Don’t look at me or I will hurt you.”

Saber Lily is very camera shy. So cute. ^ ^

San looks seductive….

Happy New Year everyone!  あけましておめでとう!

[All photos taken on Nikon D5000]


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