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Halo 3: ODST

Hmm….a post about games? This will be pretty rare as I am not much of a gamer anymore (now spends my time on the PC and watching anime). Probably won’t be another game post until Halo Reach comes out. ^ ^;

My friends came over to hang out on Thursday and one of them brought over ODST. He let me borrow it so I have been playing it for a few days. New but familiar, quite challenging too…

$55 Used ODST….I highly encourage people to buy games online instead of local retailers. $5 off from used games? You might as well as get it new. Much cheaper online, especially if used. Bought a game online a while ago from Amazon, $55 New w/ free shipping.

What you see when you crack it open. A manual and 2 disks.

The multiplayer disk. Bungie lied, they said that it won’t be full price. And I don’t think that the multiplayer disk makes up for it. Regular Halo 3 players (like myself) can’t get the 3 maps and have to spend another $60 for ODST.

You’re welcomed to invite me if I am online. My Gamertag is Flawless Blades. If you send me a FR, make sure you attach a message.

Will add a video of me playing FireFight when I get time. Sorry for the bad quality. It’s not the camera but the TV. For those who never played ODST before: it’s not me speaking just so you know , the character just says stuff.

[All photos taken with the Nikon D5000]


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