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HG リボーンズガンダム Reborns Gundam WIP 2

Some quick progress photos on the HG Reborns Gundam. The leg that you saw in WIP 1 is completed and attached. Some close-ups and shots:

After the tragedy (will explain later on) of 1/100 Dynames who is supposed to represent me, I chose to get Reborns to replace Dynames and have him represent me from now on.

I still love Dynames and I am going to wait for a MG of him. Highly unlikely and may take years but if Dynames comes out then I am sure that Kyrios and Virtue would follow, which makes MG Dynames even more unlikely…

Started on the head yesterday and finished it today. Here’s some pieces that’s still in progress.

Head is complete! Looks rather awesome but the proportions are slightly off. His head is supposed to be more narrow and long but the some designs were changed anyways.

Looking mighty awesome. The 2 shades of yellow isn’t as noticeable in real life. I think I will keep it this way as 1 I am lazy, 2 it’s already on, 3 I may not be able to apply the yellow evenly.

That’s it for now. I am going to work on the right arm next.

[All photos are from the Nikon D5000]


2 responses to “HG リボーンズガンダム Reborns Gundam WIP 2

  1. Z January 26, 2010 at 14:46

    Wow… your panel lines are incredibly sharp and bold :D

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