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Comrade DivineLight asked the other day “what do you use for the backdrop?”

Well, the mystery is revealed with the photo below….

Cloth? Well yes, more specifically, white T-shirts. Yes, T-shirts.

I am too cheap to pay for & buy anything so I had to make something, after a few days of experimenting, I ended up with this method. Genius? Stupid? What do you think?

(That pile of money are all fake, I swear. Please don’t rob me. ^ ^;)

[Photo taken on Nikon D5000!]


5 responses to “Backdrop

  1. EXkurogane January 26, 2010 at 01:21

    I haven’t used backdrops on a regular basis even though I’ve collected over 60 gunplas and taken every single photos of them. I’m cheaper than you, using a wall leaning by my table, and just a camera phone, a Nokia N-series phone -N73 and N95… xD

    But usually i adjust the focus of my camera on close-up mode, with the flash off, to focus on a particular area and the results turn out well. Nokia’s cams are really something, but I’m planning to buy a new phone though… N86 8MP would be ideal… I have no knowledge in using DSLR cams, adjusting the lens etc. Just using my experiences with cameras so far.

    Usually the objects focused are very clear and the rest, including the background will look slightly blurred. So, images doesn’t seem as distracting as it is.

    • FlawlessExa January 26, 2010 at 17:49

      I checked out your blog a few times, having the wall is ok, but I think that having a backdrop will make your photos looks a lot more attractive.

      Used to blog with a camera photo but focus cannot be adjusted. Besides the camera phone, I had no experience with cameras and bought my DSLR only a month ago. Took 3+ years of New Years money…

  2. divinelight January 26, 2010 at 06:18

    thanks for the mention. oh yeah, let’s exchange link, shall we :D
    but I have to find suitable time to add yours though >__<
    But I still want to have a decent background..

    I see Hero (Evolved Model Creations in my blogroll) have a great photo session with a cloth too, so that's all right.

    • FlawlessExa January 26, 2010 at 17:59

      Will be adding you soon. Also your theme looks glitched on my screen. The right column is just black and your blogroll is at the very bottom of the page. (Couldn’t see that you had a blogroll until you mentioned it….)

      Feel free to use any image you like. But I would prefer my 1/100 Dynames or my HG Reborns that I am currently building. (For Dynames, check A Week of Figures Zero).

    • divinelight January 26, 2010 at 21:38

      All right, I’ll put Dynames for you then.
      Oh about my theme, I’ll change it in February, thinking to use Monochrome, the new theme.

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