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A Week of Figures 14

Apr 5th – Apr 11th:

This week was very long for me, being on vacation and then going to Japan Town the next day, so not much pics this week. I tried not to buy much at Japan Town but still ended up spending over $50. I spent $15 on food, $18 for a Megami magazine, and $20 for 2 Nendo puchi (ended up with 2 more, bought 2 for $15 from my little brother).

At Japan Town where I was holding a DC Meet-up, only 1 person greeted me. Turns out that 3 other people couldn’t make it for 1 reason or another. I may go next week on Sunday, not sure. It will cost me $7 for the trip, $10 for food and I might buy something…someone willing to pay me?

Anticipated anime like K-ON!! and Angel Beats aired recently, without me knowing that they are coming out this fast…I really want to catch up so I watched Angel Beats raw (too much trouble deciding on a fansubber, I am real picky, will pick 1 later). I understood only half of the dialogs. Since I am best at reading, it would be so much easier if there were at least Japanese subs….need to quickly finish K-ON! also…

Haruhi: SOS 団Type-F 全員 (SOS dan Type-F zen in)! SOS-dan Type-F all members! (Should have put Tako Luka in, and Dynames had retired).

For you photo hungry people out there (like me), I promise that there will be more photos next week.

[All photos were taken a couple hours ago in the D5000]


4 responses to “A Week of Figures 14

  1. EXkurogane April 12, 2010 at 00:24

    LOL i finished seto no hanayome and another 2 short series (long japanese name, 12-13 ep)…

    Well, it is always hard to resist spending. Most of the time i tell myslef “don’t buy this and that” while going out but still end up spending some $$… =.=

  2. divinelight April 14, 2010 at 21:55

    Angel Beats failed to amuse me… drop it from watchlist after 1st episode…

    looking forward for the photos next week.

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