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A Week of Figures 16

Apr. 19th – Apr. 25th:

The weekdays were very tiring, each day felt like a Friday and I kept being surprised that it wasn’t. When the weekends finally came though, I had a blast! 1st of all I got some awesome amount of comfortable sleep (10 – 11 hours). ^ ^

Then I finally played a bit of eroge, it has been a while since I last played. Am starting to get bored of this one game though. Out of like 9 games I tried, only about 4 I didn’t get tired of. But then I don’t feel like quitting since I am into it already, but then I have other games to play as well. Arg…this is why you should play the demo first. >.<;

I also watched several episodes of anime since I haven’t had time for that lately. Watched an episode of Angle Beats! (raw is hard to understand complete sentences and names), Kampfer (the fighting stopped and turned into comedy, why fight in the first place?), Needless (need less? I need moar!), Zoids Genesis (no comment), Shakugan no Shana (me wants higher quality), Seto no Hanayome (San sings better than Runa’s loli-songs), and Ikkitousen (story is weird and twisted, last ep to go).

Also, Sunday was as hot as Hell (only applies to my room). I get worried for my figures when it gets hot in here. I finished the last GN Large Fin on Reborns too, WIP post soon.

Paid for S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Gills from Otacute on Sunday. Cost me $38 (including shipping), now to wait around a week and a half. デンデロさん already got his, his review will probably go up soon.

Waiting to pay for the rest of my stuff at Otacute. 1/8 BRS Black Blade ver. is delayed to May, so no half-off shipping from AmiAmi for me. T.T

One of my friends showed me his PSP on Friday with games like Gundam VS Gundam. Awesome, I need a PSP now (among the many things I am spending money on T.T) ! Want to play tons of visual novels on it too.

Borrowed Halo 3: ODST from a friend on Thursday. Now I can play the Halo Reach Beta, so awesome, can’t wait. I will probably be obsessed with it during May but I will try my best to keep posts up.

My room is starting to get dusty, need to find time off to do a complete clean-up. I did cleaned the “display table” though, where I used it to build models, will now do it on the floor.

Ah, by the way. What do you think of my collection and photos so far? Some of you may have noticed that this A Week of Figures is bigger than usual. Below is my entire figure collection (excluding PVCs…and Yuuno, forgot. ^^;)

Also uploaded a video of it….um, enjoy?

[All photos & videos were taken on the Nikon D5000]


6 responses to “A Week of Figures 16

  1. EXkurogane April 26, 2010 at 21:11

    I joined figure.fm and dannychoo also to kill my boredom by posting stuff and commenting. (despite exams going on halfway now) and saw a post about how a figure leans (up to 10 degrees) due to heat, top heaviness such as figures standing on 1 leg (my Yami!!!) and I’m beginning to worry about whether it’d happen to mine (despite all my figures less than 6 months in age).

    I live in a tropical country and i think my room temperature is 29-32 degrees, a rough estimate when not air conditioned. It could be repaired (as stated on the figure’s boxes) by using a hairdryer to soften parts slightly, bend them, then run them under cold water. It sounds scary to try.

    • FlawlessExa April 26, 2010 at 22:15

      I am an odd person, I lack fat to insulate warmth, so I am usually cold to everyone but feel fine myself and complain easily about heat.

      My ideal temperature to live in is 20C, but it’s usually 24C here and I think that’s too warm. I can’t imagine myself going back to Hong Kong. ^ ^;

      But I do worry about figures in tropical countries. Many lives there but I haven’t heard that it’s a huge issue, especially since GSC loves that. So I think that you & I may be fine.

  2. Fabrice April 28, 2010 at 03:52

    I hate weekdays =.=
    so busy with uni, i feel like running away ….

    You do have a nice collection ^^
    I really want seto-san =/

    • FlawlessExa April 28, 2010 at 12:09

      I was very lucky in being able to get San, she’s very rare now. I am sure that you will find a chance to get her someday. Just wait, just as I am doing for my figures that I have missed out on.

  3. divinelight April 28, 2010 at 17:32

    playing Visual Novel for a long time may be boring, but I always strive for ending as fast as I could, before I forgot the story. but now, I have not as much time as I have before…

    how often do you wash your figures? my gunplas are being dusty at the moment, but I’m too afraid to wash them, afraid the paint will crack.

    • FlawlessExa April 28, 2010 at 19:52

      I don’t find spanning it boring, it rather more enjoyable to me, hence me watching like 8 anime at the same time, not to mention gunpla takes me weeks and months. I do find playing it for hours in one go boring though. Too much information cramped in. ^ ^;

      I don’t wash my figures too often as it’s a hassle and I haven’t figure out a quick and better way to do it yet. I do dust them and play around with them often though.

      I never wash my models though, panel lines and stickers may get washed out. Dusting them and posing occasionally do fine for me.

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