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メガミマガジン Megami Vol. 112 [Sep-09]

This is the Megami Magazine Vol. 112 [Sep-09] which I bought from HLJ when they were having a free shipping campaign. Books are heavy, so I don’t buy them online, only in stores (but even that has its own problems). This review is to show you what does the Megami magazines contain for 1st time buyers.

Slightly closer look on the cover. This magazines goes with the usual Japanese right to left orientation. This magazine is my 1st Japanese magazine and coincidentally, it is their 10th anniversary so I got more goodies than usual. ^ ^

The 1st couple of pages are posters, this is just to give you a small taste of what’s in it without spoiling too much. Go find scans online for better pictures.

There are also some posters on Saki, K-On!, Canaan and some other anime that I don’t know about.

This issue comes with a drama CD of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. I haven’t open it yet, especially since  I can barely  understand it and without a visual too. Maybe some day when my Japanese improves a few folds….

That small picture of Azusa at the upper left is the 1 of the K-ON! poster mentioned above.

Being their 10th anniversary, they decided to cover the most popular anime heroines of the decade: Suzumiya Haruhi, Takamachi Nanoha & Fate Testarossa, Shirakawa Kotori(?) and Nagisa (can’t read her last names).

The next couple of pages cover other popular characters belonging in Imouto, Tsundere, Oneesan, Mysterious/Magical, or Sexy categories. Very interesting and awesome in my opinion.

Slightly larger images. Once again very interesting and awesome, seeing which characters made the lists. ^ ^

It talks a little bit about the Nanoha movie and then gives us some nice concept arts. I wish I can draw like that…..Fate and other characters are in the next few pages.

Another very nice bonus, a special Weiβ Schwarz card, which I also haven’t open. I will open it when I get a proper deck of Weiβ Schwarz cards. ^ ^;

A couple of pages on the PSP game for Nanoha…. I want a PSP, I regret buying a DS… T^T

K-ON! So cute, still haven’t finish….*sigh* I just don’t have the right timing…. <3 K-ON!

The magazine then goes onto other on-going anime at the time, like Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Canaan, Bakemonogatari, and something about Umineko. Then it goes into some gray pages on the less significant stuff.

A funny comic, if you can read Japanese that is. I don’t want to be bothered translating it. There’s probably some online anyways.

Bigger photos for those of you who can read Japanese. ^ ^

2 posters with a small comic in between then it goes into some more gray pages.

Lots more of current anime at that time, including an ecchi show called ALKa Zero?  These on-going anime cover the next, maybe 30 pages. Yeah, I really meant lots when I said it. ^ ^;

Some lolitasic posters before the magazine ends. Has posters on Queen’s Blade, Phantom, Kuro Kami and some other anime that I don’t know about.

Before these posters were a few pages of games, including 2 pages of eroge. I was going to take a picture of it, but if you can’t read Japanese then there’s no point for you to try the games.

Also a poster/advertisement for Weiβ Schwarz? ^ ^;

The magazine then ends there, but it still has some more goodies. ^ ^

A short comic about Nanoha fighting Signum, which I still haven’t finish reading yet….

And here’s the 2 sides of the huge B2 sized poster, which I was afraid of ripping when I was opening it. I won’t get to put it up until a long time later though…

So that’s how the Megami magazines are like. Very big & heavy (there are even bigger ones) and I highly recommend this issue, especially if you are a Nanoha/Fate fan. ^ ^

[All pics are taken on the D5000]


2 responses to “メガミマガジン Megami Vol. 112 [Sep-09]

  1. Fabrice May 17, 2010 at 03:49

    Of course the fan service XD
    nice posters of nanoha/fate =)
    i didnt get a copy this time =/

    • FlawlessExa May 20, 2010 at 14:52

      I did love to get a subscription for Megami but I am really broke right now + shipping is just killer. I will just buy some whenever I go to Japan Town.

      What do you do with your posters?

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