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1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 1 – [Body]

Not sure if I mentioned this before but I was never fully satisfied with my 1/100 OverFlag. It was good, but I wasn’t able to make it into what I had envisioned.

Now that I have gotten better and also got more tools at hand, I have decided to completely redo my OverFlag, modding it into my own custom version. ^ ^

So 1st, I separated him into individual components. As usual of me, I started off with the body component.

I really had no plan, I just did what I felt like. 1st I took off that white part and began sanding like hell.

After sanding those 2 parts, I added some putty to make the top part protrude out more. I also beefed up the underside a bit.

I also made the 20mm machine gun to protrude out.

…but only to have it break off because of the little surface area. >.<

So I simply revamped the 20mm machine gun as a whole. What do you think?

I also scribed some custom panel-lines on. It’s not perfectly symmetric but it looks alright if you don’t think about it. ^ ^;

The main body armor is finished modding so I primed it then I sanded down the prime. It gives it a pretty cool weathered affect but that’s not what I am looking for. I gave it another priming later.

Right now, I am working on the chest fins as well as the head. Looking pretty good so far. This will be a very long on-going project, I don’t expect it to be done until Christmas. ^ ^;;;

[Photos were taken on the Nikon D5000]


6 responses to “1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 1 – [Body]

  1. divinelight June 9, 2010 at 17:26

    well yeah, modding like that can take longer time, but it could be better that way.

    I myself cut away the plaplates from WZC’s arms, simply because I don’t like it there, making the whole process a restart…

  2. EXkurogane June 9, 2010 at 22:16

    Until christmas… Wow… O_o that’s going to take quite a while… But i bet I’d take the same amount of time to finish a MG (months) if i get serious… But i don’t have that much time, especially when i enter degree in august…

  3. heathorn June 11, 2010 at 07:11

    a 1/100 flag comrade!

    cool! quite heavy mod on the torso
    definitely needs a proper sanding later, hahaha

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