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MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 3 – [Left Leg]

Not going to munch too much words as it’s quite late right now, sleepy. ~_~

The left hip, cleaned off nub marks but yet to be painted. Very interesting how the frame of the hip works.

Painted. Wow, that was easy. Might as well go onto the rest of the leg.

Part of the thigh. Cleaned off nub marks, sanded and test fitting.


Lower leg. Craptastic photo. >.<*

Completed. Looks mighty awesome. It bends pretty well.

I really love how it looks. I wanted to call it a Dragon Spine when I completed it. ^ ^;

Parts for the foot and ankle. Painted, but not panel-lined.

Test fitting. Very loose (not the joints), needs 2 red pieces to keep it together, as well as to add his toes in. Oh well, it’s his foot so it will be fine.

Hating these bad photos, so now on, all WIPs will be shot using my lightbox. Next WIP will be showing the completed left leg.

[All photos were on the D5000]


4 responses to “MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 3 – [Left Leg]

  1. divinelight July 12, 2010 at 00:23

    niceee I always like the paint.
    still have no time to hunt that Krylon though.

    oh yeah, do you know what will happen if the paint got coated with topcoat? I’m afraid it will run bad like my chrome paint.

  2. EXkurogane July 12, 2010 at 01:42

    I thought metallic/special effect paints should not be flat-coated, use semi-gloss or gloss.

    As usual, nice paint jobs. My Infinite Justice’s inner frame’s chome silver seems to be too thick i guess (That was the first time i spray canned on an inner frame, last year). There are a couple of parts that fixes up together that are so tight that i put them together by stepping on it. XD

  3. divinelight July 12, 2010 at 04:58

    I like metalic or chrome for inner frame but I prefer flat for the armor.
    seems like I cannot spray them after they are built then

  4. FlawlessExa July 12, 2010 at 12:22

    I don’t have proper Topcoat, I used some ones for paintings/drawings before and it attracts dirt like crazy. It’s ok to use on dark colors but on light colors it’s a disaster….

    I never work on them after I put them together. I always work on it as I build.

    Doesn’t really matter in my opinion. I’d flat coat it.

    Don’t put them together if it’s really tight. For joints it can eventually seize and become so locked down that the pegs will rip rather than to turn.

    Use a hobby knife and scrape off paint on the pegs instead.

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