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A Week of Figures 34

Aug 23rd – Aug 29th:

Was extremely hot during the 1st half of the week! It eventually cooled down by Thursday. I also decided to cancel HG Zabanya & Harute on Friday. Their boxes are just to big for SAL & I can’t afford to pay EMS. I will get them maybe a year later..

もう!暑い!(何で笑顔が分からん ^^;)

Was very hot indeed. ^ ^;

Because it was so hot, I went out to my “usual spot” on Wednesday and got 2 photoshoots. They should be ready within this week.

Cute pose. But don’t ask me what she’s doing. ^ ^;;

I haven’t seen Haku for while….

Another picture of the line of Miku on my monitor. Flying Hachune Miku is there as well. ^ ^;

And in front of the moniter there’s a line of Nendos. ^ ^

Let’s scroll by 1 by 1, enjoy:

And now my Nendo army is complete! *grins*

Today is my last day of utter freedom. I have enjoyed this summer well. I finished 2 routes in Prima Stella, enjoyed Tenshin Ranman, FairlyLife and Se. Kirara. I also finished a few anime and started a few new ones. Figures have been great as well.

Despite hell is starting, I will continue to record what I love, my passion, on here. Look forward to more posts coming soon.

[All photos were taken on the D5000]


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 34

  1. EXkurogane August 30, 2010 at 07:20

    [Out of topic] Your Nendo Akita Neru is a nendo puchi right? I liked her and if i want, might need to buy the whole Vocaloid set… >.< Wished GSC made a regular nendoroid out of her… I like her expression of sticking out her tongue… =3

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