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A Week of Figures 35

Aug 30th – Sept 5th:

This week was a very long week. I slept like a rock on Friday night. The week was also quite hot, which meant that alot of time was wasted away. I applied to a few jobs, need funds now….just so you know…you can donate a dollar or 2 on the right if you are feeling generous.

I have finally unboxed GSC Hatsune Miku! I got this back in July from a member on Figure.fm. Still 1 of my favorite Miku figure of all time. ^ ^

Though my only disappointment this that her hair isn’t blue enough. Her hair should have been the photos’ blue. In real life, it is much more green.

I knew that Miku was cute when I 1st became a otaku, but I never knew that I would have this many Miku…does this count as a shrine? ^ ^;

Yami-chan still looks wonderful….I still haven’t done a photoshoot huh….

I just tried to mimic her face with an emoticon but it can’t be captured!

Flying ネコミミ (nekomimi)!? Come to me! ^ ^

Theia is very cute all the time! I love all of her face parts, though I still haven’t used 1 of them yet…

早苗: “Hug?”

セイバーリリィ: “No…”

I luv my figures. ^ω^
I hope to do more stuff next week…and I hope that I could get a job…Some gunpla WIP posts next week as well. Not much else going on right now…..I need money!

[All photos were taken on a Nikon D5000]


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 35

  1. divinelight September 6, 2010 at 03:58

    that’s so many miku you have.
    lol, yeah, everyone needs money…

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