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Late – Happy 3rd Birthday Miku!

Happy Birthday Miku!!!  Really sorry for being so late. >.<;
Reasons being I found out her birthday a day after, and then me trying to draw her something…Here is the result:

Sorry for not being in color, it’s only a pencil sketch and I am incapable of digital art, sorry.  Maybe when I get a tablet someday…

Good job if you can read my short message, if you can’t….you should learn Japanese. Anyways, enough staring at my unprofessional drawing, let’s move to lovely MikkuMikku gallery:

Uuugu! So sugarly adorable! Happy 3rd Birthday Miku! So cute~

Hmm….what should I eat first? No wait, Miku is a candle. ¯ε¯;

Miku ♥. Shimapan heart <3.

This Miku is pretty awesome too. ^ ^

Some stuff that seems unrelated/ I don’t know about, but who cares, Miku is so~ cute here! ^ω^

Here’s to another great fun year, with my figures, with Miku. Next time, I won’t forget her birthday! I hope to do something more special next time! Happy Birthday Miku!

[Only 1 picture taken on camera]


2 responses to “Late – Happy 3rd Birthday Miku!

  1. divinelight September 12, 2010 at 05:16

    happy 3rd birthday Miku, it doesn’t seem long isn’t it, the time for Miku to be so well-known.

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