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Friend’s July Loot (Part 1) – 2010

2 Months late, but it’s my friend’s loot so it’s not that important. ^ ^;
Now, why do I have his loot? That because he can’t buy online & doesn’t he feel safe leaving packages in front of his house.

1st off, this is his 1st loot ever, as I was the one who got him into figures. ^ ^;
He actually ordered something else before this these, but these arrived 1st. Kind of odd how that happens…he’s a Type-Moon fan by the way.

1st thing that arrived & his 1st figure ever, a 1/6 Saber [Holiday ver.] by Good Smile Company. It was bought from a member on figure.fm & shipped together with my 1/8 Hatsune Miku back in July.

Then, he just had to buy this mug of Saber from AmiAmi. >.<;

Tall box is tall. A few cm taller than my BRS [Black Blade ver.]’s box.

Everything taken out of the boxes. Saber still got those plastic sheets on her. I like how the mug has a lid. ^^

As a figure, she is very tall. As you can see in these photos, I can barely fit her into my light box. >.<;

Close-up. Personally, I feel that the face is kind of off. While I haven’t played the game or watched the show, it still feels like something is imperfect…

Another standing shot.

Nice figure overall, but not something I would be into. By the way, did you know what her skirt can be cast off?

Yep, it can. I asked for his permission of course. You people better appreciate it. >.<;

Not enough? Some more low-angle shots, here & here.

I like how her feet and sandals are sculpted. The base is plain, but whatever I guess..

I think that this angle of her face looks better…

Another angle…

Saber is rather “average”? Haven’t played the game. ^ ^;

Next are some photos of his Saber Maid cup:

Maid Saber is tsudere? Hmm….*snaps some more shots*
Nice ^ ^

Beauteous Maid….is that really an English word, Beauteous?

Now, the other side of the cup:

Yum, yum….wait, what’s she eating?

And here’s how the lid looks like. It’s her magic circle?

So that’s it for part 1 of my friend’s July loot. He’s such a Type-Moon fan. ^ ^;
He had said that he likes Tousaka Rin more than Saber, but there alot less stuff for Rin. I agree as well…anyways, let’s check what more stuff he bought in part 2…

[All photos taken a long time ago on the Nikon D5000]

4 responses to “Friend’s July Loot (Part 1) – 2010

  1. EXkurogane September 26, 2010 at 21:56

    Well, most girl figure with skirts, the skirt can be casted off, including your 1/8 Miku. The the face being off, i think the “red lines” on the cheek shouldn’t be there, slight pinkish hues will be better, and yeah, something’s not right with her smile – the mouth.

    I lookin’ for GSC’s Akatsuki Mishiro from Shuraiki. Double katana field is just awesome. Old figure though.

    • FlawlessExa September 26, 2010 at 22:15

      Only my Miku can do that so I wouldn’t know. ^ ^;
      But Saber looks like her skirt is intentionally made to cast off. ^ ^;

      I say that the proportions of her face and her faces are off somehow…

      I don’t know who that is but good luck!

  2. divinelight September 28, 2010 at 18:06

    I’ve never know that there is Saber figure like this one.
    I think she is not really what she used to be, I mean, kinda weird to see her in this image.

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