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九月 September Loot – 2010

Ok, September loots, while I bought alot this month & spent $247, I only opened my Figma BRS & will store the rest until Christmas for myself. ^ ^;
So it actually felt like I didn’t buy much, most of the packages were for my friend.

1st package, contains my friend’s Saber PVC figure by Wave and my little brother’s box of Rider Mask Collection Vol. 8 from AmiAmi. Unboxing video below~

Used AmiAmi’s biggest box for SAL shipping. Almost too big for SAL. ^ ^;
Looks real empty with the items out..

My friend’s Saber figure will be covered in another post (expect it a few months from now).

The box for it is kinda cool. But I hate how there are 14+1 secret, yet a box set only gives you 8 of them. So to complete the set, you will have to buy multiple boxes…

Yep, just 8 of them. There are no duplicates within 1 box set, but buying multiple boxes to complete the set will yield duplicates…

The sides of each individual box. I wanted IXA, Dark Kiva, Fang Joker, Glaive and maybe Rising Ultimate Kuuga.

After opening every single box….let’s assemble them.

And here are what we got in the 8 boxes. From Left to right: Apollo Flame (hidden), Riot Trooper, Blade Jack Form, Lance, Glaive, Larc, IXA, Kuuga Growing Form.

People who have watched Missing Ace probably noticed Lance and Larc’s colors are switched. That’s because me & my little brother was trying to decide on taking 1 of them but couldn’t because of their color. So we switched the colors and I took the fully green one (Larc?).

So in the end, Glaive, Larc(?), IXA and Kuuga Growing Form are mine. And I paid my little brother $15 for them, since it was technically his.

Me & my little brother couldn’t get every one that we wanted but oh well, Bandai is evil. And oh, Apollo Flame is the secret if you haven’t figure that out by now. None of us really want him…

Let’s move onto something that’s actually my loot from the very beginning. Brought from AmiAmi. ^ ^

Yay, I finally got my Black Rock Shooter! Hmm, this is a new style of packing from them….though the shipping actually felt a little more than usual. ^ ^;

But safety is what really matters. Will take lots of pics of her for the BRS post.

As I had said at the very end of A Week of Figures 37, I lost my Nendo Puchi Hachune Miku in an effort be a part of the community. Not worth it, you ungrateful punks. I love my Miku, so I re-bought her on ebay for $14

Terrible packaging. While the idea was good, it was poorly executed. Should have used stronger& bigger pieces of cardboard. The box was quite crushed, but lucky I still have my original boxes, so I threw this 1 away.

Ah, Hachune Miku. I am glad to see you again… T.T

はちゅねミク – 元気に行くよ!

Will have to spend more money next month, but I will open only a few again. My Christmas presents are building up! ^ ^;


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