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Friend’s July Loot (Part 2) – 2010

Following Part 1, here is part 2 which is his box set of Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Petites. Photo-heavy by the way.

With 12 Nendo Puchi, there are a lot of photos, so I will only comment here and there. Enjoy the photos of my friend’s Nendoroid Petites!

This Puchi is pretty cute. 1of my favorites from the whole set. ^ ^

I like how energetic she looks. It’s also nice to be able to take off the hat for more variety.

Quite a demanding pose. ^ ^;

Shall we dance?

Tako Rider.

Scary Magic Circle, I have no idea what it actually do.

I think that she looks like a ヤンデレ (yandere). ^ ^;

Now armed with weapons of the kitchen. (°Δ°;)

Rider’s mask and her weapon, which I have no idea what that’s supposed to be. ^ ^;

Something you won’t see again once you put her head on.

I find Tako Rider very cute. Does anyone think so too? Or are you shocked by the floating head?

Put the mask on and I find her way less cuter…time to take it off.

When my friend tried to assemble it, he tried to put the lions head on to the lions butt. I have no idea how that made any sense.

The face of determination.


Taming the beast!

Armoring up~

A very determined look.

Ribbon Bunny Saber? ^^

Saber: “How dare you make fun of me!”
Hachune Miku: “???”

Saber: “Punishment!”
Hachune Miku: “Waaahh!”

The sword is very detailed. ^ ^

I think that this shot looks pretty good.

And the very last thing that he bought was this big magnet of Tousaka Rin.

His July Loots is finally done! Now I need to go work on his August loots… Crap, I just found more of his July Loots on my camera….300+ photos to sort for part 3….give me a few weeks… >.<;

[All photos were taken in July using the Nikon D5000]

4 responses to “Friend’s July Loot (Part 2) – 2010

  1. divinelight October 6, 2010 at 23:14

    woa, I’ve never tought Nendroid Petits are so adorable.

  2. absurdnormality October 7, 2010 at 19:14

    Very nice post. I liked the videos incorporated into it!

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