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MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 5 – [Right Arm + Head]

It has been a while since MG Exia’s previous WIP, sorry about that. ^ ^;
Anyways, let’s move on. Exia’s arms has to be completed, along with other various parts as well.

1st things 1st, I needed to finish off the left arm by adding his hand.

This part, which is for the calf of the leg, needs to be sanded & panel-lined.

All done! Let’s get to inking and panel-lining other parts.

The insides of these pieces, which are pieces for the upper arm & the back of the thigh, are inked. Waiting to dry.

Meanwhile, I realized that I have been spray painting each individual pieces, when I used to spray the whole runner. So I decided to do that again.

I don’t think I’ll spray the whole runner anymore. ^ ^;

These parts from before have a few spots which I hand-painted (with a toothpick ^ ^;).

Tada~ All that is left is the right arm & the head…..well, let’s get started!

…And done! Same process as the left arm in the previous WIP.

These are all of the parts that I will be putting together for the head. I am only doing the frame or the bare minimum of parts right now.

The insides are inked, and the clear parts are painted with green.

Hmm, looks pretty nice. The fine printing on the stickers are amazing. ^ ^
The GN Strips are bended for a bit after, so that it curves around with the head.

The frame is completed at last! Looks amazing, just stunning details. ^ ^

Finally, a model that can knee down similarly to a human! ^ ^
MG Exia has amazing articulations, but I wonder how it is with all the armors…

Now, I am going to take my sweet, sweet time to build the armors on. Don’t expect the next WIP until a long time later….maybe I should change it to WISP (work in slow progress) now… ^ ^;;

[All photos were taken on a Nikon D5000]


6 responses to “MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 5 – [Right Arm + Head]

  1. divinelight October 21, 2010 at 18:27

    woa nice.
    let’s see if one of us finish first lolz.

    by the way, what paint do you use for clear green for eyes?

  2. heathorn October 24, 2010 at 07:01

    Dunno why but the first time I looked at your photos I thought of terminator XD

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