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1st Broken Nendoroid Joint

Finally after about 1 year & 2 months, I have received my 1st broken Nendoroid joint. The victim was, not too surprising, my 1st Nendoroid, Kureha.

The joint that broke was her neck joint. I was posing her normally until I noticed that her head was very loose, I checked it and the peg was broken, held only by the edge.

I was surprised at first but I did not despair, since I knew that I could fix it. This is exactly where modeling skills come in handy. (。・`ω´・。)

I took the broken peg & the joint out, then I replaced the joint with 1 of the ones from her other face parts. And here we have Kureha “fixed” & beautifully standing again. ^^

If you own a Nendoroid, have you had a broken joint yet? How long have you had the Nendoroid until it broke, and what did you do about it?
Update: I had my 2nd broken Nendo joint about 3 months after this post.


24 responses to “1st Broken Nendoroid Joint

  1. Jedi_Amara February 6, 2011 at 23:04

    I just received my first ever nendoroid and the neck joint broke straight away! :( I was wondering, how did you remove the broken parts from the neck and body? I’m finding them very hard to remove, as I can’t properly get a grip on them.

    • FlawlessExa February 6, 2011 at 23:34

      I am very sorry to hear that!
      It’s hard to describe what I did by using words though.

      It was easy for me since I am used to it from building model kits. I would use a strong needle (one that doesn’t break), wedge it in between and try to “dig” it out.

      If all else fails, your last resort could be to heat up a needle, stab it in the middle of the peg, wait for it to cool, then pull it out.

      • Jedi_Amara February 7, 2011 at 02:47

        Thank you! I’ll give it a go. I’ve also emailed the store I bought it from and maybe they can help me with a replacement joint :)

    • FlawlessExa February 7, 2011 at 21:50

      It’s very unlikely that they can provide you with a replacement joint. If you managed to take the broken peg out then using the other joints from the other face parts is my recommendation.

  2. Daija December 18, 2011 at 15:35

    Awwww I need to do that to my Luka neck joint!

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