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ほしうたミニパズル Hoshi Uta Mini-Puzzle

Given away by a member on Figure.fm, this is a small, 108 piece jigsaw puzzle of an illustration from ほしうた (Hoshi Uta), which is a エロゲ (eroge).

Now, I haven’t played the game (but I have always been wanting to) so I don’t know anything about it yet. ^ ^;

The box is quite small, smaller than your average desk of cards I assume. On the back, this is where knowing Japanese pays off. It’s not just your regular caution warnings, it has got some interesting & funny messages. ^ ^

I am not going to translate it, go learn Japanese if you’re serious about this hobby.

Inside the box is a pack of the puzzle pieces.

Dumped all of the pieces out & let’s start working on it~
It took me about 20-30 minutes to finish it despite being so small. I haven’t made one of these in about a decade! ^ ^;

Finished. The size of the puzzle is about 10 x 15 cm. Was fun playing with one of these again. Thanks! ^ ^

By the way, does anyone know how to glue the pieces together? Is there a special type of glue? I want to frame it later. Also does C75 stand for Comiket 75? ^^;

[All photos taken with the Nikon D5000]


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