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A Week of Figures 46

Nov 15th – Nov 21st:

Was a very busy week, as you know, 45 was posted on Wednesday….but this time I made sure that 46 will be posted on Sunday. The weekends had fabulous weather, raining and clear days combined. Loved it, even though I caught a cold. ^ ^;

Had my army of Miku straps lined up. Looks awesome. ^ ^

Took the 1st photo on Saturday, then I decided to equip Miku with some winter gears on Sunday. I am surprised that I got the exact same angle for the photos…

The mitten and scarf set were from the Figma Winter Campaign earlier in the beginning of the year. I have 2 sets, both the same color. ^ ^;

Can you tell what’s going on by these 3 photos above?

Buns of petits! Can’t get enough of them. ^ ^;

These 2 were on top of my PC which I hardly take photos of. Looks cute. ^ω^

More Hatsune Miku goodness~

…yeah….I haven’t changed the Hiiragi twin’s poses in many weeks now….

Lovely. My loli-Nanoha’s waist joint was actually very loose for a few weeks, after examining it some more I found out that I could fix it and I did. ^ ^

Loli-Haruhi had lost in the struggle and is now tied up by her older self…. °¬°

Things should get a little bit less busy now. I have so much things that I want to do, including things for the blog. I am also looking forward to my 日本町 (nihon machi, Japan Town) trip near the end of next month. Which reminds me, I need to pay for this month’s orders.


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 46

  1. bd77 November 21, 2010 at 23:42

    Aww… Tako-Luka has a new hobby. Putting a nekomimi to the nearest shrine maiden (in this case, Sanae). XD

    I see Haruhi is gloating over her win with her loli-self. XD

    also… Miku, everywhere Miku.

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