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天神乱漫キーホルダーD – 山吹葵 Review

So I was browsing through AmiAmi as usual, I went to the Sales page of Character Goods & I saw this keychain being discounted. Being a fan of the game, I decided to purchase this & hitched a free ride from a friend’s package. ^ ^;


This key of 山吹葵 Yamabuki Aoi is made by Toy’s Planning & retails for 630円.

このキーホルダーのメーカはToy’s Planning、販売は630円。

Here is the back, nothing really special here unlike the Hoshi Uta Mini-Puzzle.


Not much of an unpacking, but as a perfectionist/completionist, I will be keeping the plastic wrapper & the paper-backing. Although I don’t like how the surnames & given names are switched…


Close-up on the keychain. This keychain is actually much more well made than I expected. The front has a shiny, round, clear plastic & the frame is made out of metal. I was expecting some cheap plastic with a picture printed on it. ^ ^;


In case you are wondering what the back looks like. Nothing much, but it looks polished and shiny. ^ ^


Overall, I really like this keychain & it’s nice to have for anyone that is a fan of the game. It’s not expensive (unless you try to get every single set) & it’s alot more well made than I was expecting. I would love to get a few of the other sets if I get the chance. ^ω^


[All photos were taken with Nikon D5000]


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