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A Week of Figures 50

Dec 13th – Dec 19th:

Not a lot of photos this week, why? Well that’s because me & my friends went to 日本町 (nihon machi, Japan Town) yesterday and I only got to change my figures’ poses this morning. For those who don’t move their figures often, it takes a few hours.


The lighting was tricky to handle but this shot turned out great. However, as I am posing the other figures, time went by & the lighting deteriorated.

I really like this pose. Amazing that Miku isn’t falling over, because of her hair & base stabilizing her. ^ ^

Needs more light on the other side of Kureha’s face. T^T

Aw~ Haku needs a huggy~

Well, Christmas is this week! I am going to open my presents that I have saved up for myself. Also need to get started on drafting many posts…


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