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A Week of Figures 51

Dec 20th – Dec 26th:

Hi everyone, how was your Christmas? Mine wasn’t that great, it was raining outside & I had to do alot of frustrating work. I didn’t even get to unbox my presents that I bought for myself until today. Didn’t receive anything from families/friends. Hope that you had a better Christmas than I did. ^ ^;

I snapped this shot earlier in the week before Christmas. I thought that this pose for them was pretty cute. ^ ^

The rest of the photos are figures from my Christmas loot, half of them that is. I actually didn’t get to unbox my 3 Se.Kirara Figma. Will do so tomorrow. T^T

Luka! My only Vocaloid Figma and no plans to get the rest. I actually think that the faces of the Vocaloid Figmas are very poorly done.

The Miku, Rin & Len Figma, as well as Luka’s singing face has what I call the [warning, insults ahead, do not highlight] gaijin face. It’s pretty ugly in my opinion.

Didn’t had much time to play around with her so I just copied a pose from the box. I left the singing face in the box because of the reason mentioned above.

Dead Master is really one amazing figure. The Dead Scythe is enormous & the base is so heavy, yet awesome. ^ ^

I would love to do a photoshoot of her soon if I can. Hopefully sometime in January.

My ActSta Teana is also very lovely. Not only does she looks great but she also has a few improvements over Subaru. I might talk about it in another post. I would love to do a photoshoot of her as well.

I like the base too. Bright orange sure stands out. ^ ^;

After the Christmas group shot, I piled all of my figures, except my Christmas ones, here. I am going to be very busy so no time to pose them all back. Might be a good chance to rearrange everything.

Next week for me will be busy, not only with real life but I also want to get a lot of year-end posts up. Sit tight, there will be lots coming soon.

[All photos were taken on a Nikon D5000]


One response to “A Week of Figures 51

  1. divinelight December 27, 2010 at 01:33

    well, Luca is better than Rin and Len in my opinion too, even though I like Miku as well.

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