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Best Photos of 2010

Here, I have compose many pictures (god knows how many) of what I consider my best photos that I have taken in 2010. Please enjoy, very image heavy, and it might take a while to get through them. ^ ^;

[All photos were from previous posts…please don’t make me link to them T^T]


6 responses to “Best Photos of 2010

  1. athena112 December 31, 2010 at 17:35

    So many good pictures, so little time :D I liked the pic when Hatchune Miku ate the butterfly cookie. So cute!

  2. Miyu January 3, 2011 at 18:05

    Have you considered taking photos of cosplay? :3

    (;D btw, dont ask how i got your blog. Let’s just say I’m a 9th grader on this current island and is friends with your friend)

    • FlawlessExa January 3, 2011 at 22:57

      No sorry, I don’t like cosplay at all. It grosses me out to be honest. You can like cosplay if you want, but you will never find any cosplay-related photos on this blog.

      Friend of my friend?….I am assuming it’s either Sharon or Yu. >.>;
      Anyways, you are welcomed to visit here anytime.

  3. Miyu January 5, 2011 at 20:48

    I half agree with you on the cosplay. Most of the cosplays are not very good, just made by people who wanted to do it for fun. However, there some good cosplayers like yuegene, Astellecia, RainerTachibana, etc (all on dA). But you’ll have to have to be pretty in order to look good in it. It’s kinda like modeling in anime clothes.

    And, you assumed right. xD It’s one of them. But that person didnt tell me herself, another one of her friends did.
    Btw, are you going to the anime convention?

    • FlawlessExa January 7, 2011 at 11:09

      Actually, my problem goes beyond just bad cosplayers. You can ask Sharon, she knows what I am talking about. I will explain it below as well.

      Cosplay is modeling, but I don’t see the beauty of real life humans in the 1st place. I am fine with models, but if they try to be someone who is 2D then that’s where things get bad for me. 3D ≠ 2D

      No, I wouldn’t go to any conventions. Too much cosplayers, overpriced items, far, & people who can’t even pronounce “anime” right. I would rather save up & go to Japan itself.

      Note: Next time, just click “reply” of the original comment. The indent keeps conversations organzied under the orginal comment.

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