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A Week of Figures 53

Jan 3rd – Jan 9th:

This week was a lot more relaxing than the last week of 2010, so I actually have time to catch up with everything. I sure hope that it continues this way. Here is my history of anime I watched. It was an ok week, I still haven’t really start things off for the blog. I hope to publish more good contents & gain more comrades.

My main issue right now is awful lighting. Not only is the desk’s position a disadvantage, but being Winter means less light…

So not very good images with this week. T^T

After spending hours to pose them, I spent more hours trying to deal with the bad lighting. As you see in this photo, this was my best attempt to mix natural light & light from a lamp.

This photo looks nice….but it’s photoshopped. I hardly ever photoshop my photos.

While post-processing is an artform too. I am very bad with it, so I try to take as best of a photo as I can without having to edit it. It was originally quite dark.

Saber is is not photoshopped, but the lighting could have been better…

This shot looks good. My only complant is that I would want a little more light on her face.

Caption this.

Being new, the girls from Se.Kirara tries to avoid detection. You will never know what Suzumiya Haruhi would do to them if she learns that they came from a eroge…

Haruhi: “Hand it over, I can sing too!”

Azusa: “No, it’s my guitar!”

This photo was originally bad, and I couldn’t photoshop it to make it look better. So I experimented with random buttons, trying to make lights. ^ ^;
Here is the original.

Another bad photo. Nanoha actually looks pretty cool as she is hovering in the air.

All these bad lighting has made me search for a tripod. Any recommendations? Under $100 would be ideal. I also want to learn how to control light better. Let’s hope next week won’t have any bad lighting! Hope to post more next week as well. Time to sell stuff.

[All photos were taken on the Nikon D5000 with kit lens]


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 53

  1. divinelight January 12, 2011 at 18:05

    gorrillapod should be nice, I thought its brand is “Joby” and should be around 50$.

    • FlawlessExa January 12, 2011 at 20:41

      A Gorillapod might be good for leveled desk shots but it’s not high enough for the upper level of my desk. I also won’t be able to use it if I don’t have objects for it to grab onto. So I need a full-length tripod.

      I am particularly interested in ones that can be converted for macro shots & comes with a case.

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