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Lightbox II

Months & moons ago, I made my 1st lightbox for photoshoots. Well now it is worn out & old. A perfect excuse to create a new one, not only to replace it, but also to make it bigger & better.

So 1st, I need a new box. My friend’s EMS box from October is perfect. Look at the size of that thing compared to my old one!

One of the things that I need to do is to make the box stronger & more stable. I will try to cut out less and so I covered the box’s insides with some poster paper.

Marking it & cutting a side out so that it fits snugly inside.


Next I need some materials for the light to filter through. Last time I used ordinary paper, but this time I dug through some old packing materials and found a bunch.

Some are roughly new looking but some are wrinkled & tattered.

Now I need to cut the sides out. I decided to leave quite a bit on the edges for strength. My new Xacto Knife was quite helpful, very sharp.

Unlike the 1st lightbox, this time I taped the filter papers onto the inside of the box. I did so to prevent the above photo.

Do that x3 and voila. Looks great and has tons of space. No worries about thing like my friend’s 1/6 Saber anymore. ^ ^

But that’s not all, I also got these 3 foam poster boards.

I made cuts halfway into the board and then I cracked it open, careful not to split the boards in half.

Now I have a total of 4 backgrounds to shoot from: White, “Sanded” White, Blue (actually a lot more purple in real life, might not use it now..orz), and Black. Overall, this lightbox II has many new improvements over my old one. ^ ^

[All photos were taken on a Nikon D5000]


8 responses to “Lightbox II

  1. bd77 January 19, 2011 at 14:45

    Can’t wait to see some of the shots with this one, should be good. =D

  2. ren January 20, 2011 at 17:09

    wow.. very nice.. gives me a lot of ideas since i have alot of boxes at home too. XD

  3. divinelight January 20, 2011 at 19:52

    wow… nice job, this will be better than before.

    now I need to make one…

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