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A Week of Figures 56

Jan 24th – Jan 30th:

I don’t really remember the week too well, although I think that the beginning of the week was good, but then it all went downhill during the 2nd half. Excluding weekends that is, these 2 days were awesome. ^ ^;

Terrible lighting this weekend, but no worries! My tripod from Amazon has arrived! Enjoy the photos for this week, details on my tripod later in the January loots post.

I really do think that Kureha & Sanae goes well together. ^ω^

Twin-tails, can’t have enough! Speaking of each, we don’t have enough pony-tails or side-tails. T^T

Tsudere Saber Lily is the best!
And Haku is such an angel! (ハクマジ天使!)

The Hiiragi twins take a relaxing week~
I wish that I could have fun like that too. ^ ^;

The amount of views end of last week was very high but it just begun to drop ridiculously beginning of this week. That applies to comment count as well. I am pretty disappointed but it won’t affect me otherwise. Let’s hope that things get better!

[All photos taken on the D5000]


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 56

  1. divinelight January 31, 2011 at 21:50

    congrats for the tripod, so what tripod do you buy?

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