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My Collections – Revamped

Do you notice the tabs at the very top? (Home, About.etc). A very small amount of visitors clicks them, way fewer than I want. At those tabs, it outlines my collection plus it also links to all of my photoshoots, reviews, and WIPs.I thought that people trying to look for a certain thing might not liked looking at a huge list of text. So I spent a few days & completely revamped the Figures page.

Instead of a long list, it now consists of grids of pictures so you folks should be able to immediately recognize them. To make a long page short, hovering over the tab of “Figures ♀” will drop down some Categories (Nendoroid, Figma.etc), so you should be able to easily navigate with no problem.

Hopefully this will allow people to visit some older, but still awesome photoshoots.

Since I didn’t take a photoshoot for all of my figures, look for the word ‘photoshoot’. You can click either the title or the picture itself. It’ll link to a page that contains all the photoshoots of that figure (usually there’s only 1). Please then click the picture or the title to jump to the actual photoshoot.

The pictures in this post should tell you what to do if my words are confusing.
I won’t be doing this to the other tabs because of the lack of stuff in those categories. I’ll do it when I have more things later in time.


6 responses to “My Collections – Revamped

  1. EXkurogane February 26, 2011 at 05:56

    I did the same to my review list in my blog, for figures list for now. List of words are boring and now im using limage banners. Yet to have time to upgrade Gunpla review list page. Seeing how attractive blogs by others are mostly flash displays and more pics, im trying to do the same. >.<

    Your figures menu list reminds me of the japanese review site foobarbaz.

    • FlawlessExa February 26, 2011 at 16:33

      Images are always better. ^ ^;
      And oh, I’d avoid using vertical shots in horizontal banners. I, myself hate having to feel like I need to turn my head. Just my opinion.

      The idea originally came from them, but many other sites have that format as well. I am always trying to make my blog easier to navigate.

  2. Rin February 27, 2011 at 22:30

    This reminds me that I should update my figure collection profile…
    I got so many new figures and I should update it…
    Maybe I should put some of my photos in it too!!!

  3. divinelight February 28, 2011 at 17:22

    That’s nice way to display your collections.
    I think I’ll do the same thing (when I have time and mood) for mine

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