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A Week of Figures 61

Feb 28th – March 6th:

This week went by really fast, either that or my memory is deteriorating. Either way I don’t think that it was a good week. But I did managed to finally play an hour or 2 of my increasing backlog amount of eroge.

Plus a bit of games and that’s it. I wasn’t able to start on any new series like I intended to, but I did finish some series (Milky Holmes, Code Geass R2).

Do you like this pose of the Hiiragi twins? I do, and you’d better too since this took me over an hour to do. The book was so difficult to hold properly! >.<;

As much as I love the old poses of the Subaru & Teana, I felt like I had to change it up. I quite like Subaru’s pose actually. ^ ^

As bad as this photo is (in my opinion), this pose really looks better in real life with the proper angle. Bad lighting sure sucks. :(

Cutie Kureha sleeps, and nice Haku & Saber Lily gives her a sleeping bag to use as a blanket. (^ω^)

Eroge characters plays with my eroge jig-saw puzzle. ^ ^;

Saved the best photo for last, the lighting in this photo looks the best. ^ ^

The next few incoming weeks won’t be very nice it seems. *sigh* Even then I must continue to try my best…That kind of situation is the worst, isn’t it?

[All photos were taken on the Nikon D5000]


11 responses to “A Week of Figures 61

  1. bd77 March 8, 2011 at 15:10

    The first photo actually looks natural like, the pose. =D
    The pose for the second and third looks awesome but yeah… the lighting.

    *sees an in bound Haccune*
    HOLY~! A wild Haccune appeared~! Get in your mobile suit!

  2. divinelight March 8, 2011 at 17:28

    The Hiiragi twins’ pose looks good. That feels natural I think.
    For VN, I kinda want to start Steins;Gate after reading the review, only if I have time.

  3. EXkurogane March 9, 2011 at 07:12

    Owh, the first pic is wonderful =3

  4. Athena112 March 9, 2011 at 16:44

    I really love the Hiiragi Twins pic. Very cute ^__^

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