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A Week of Figures 64 & 65

March 21st – March 27th:

I wasn’t extremely busy last week, I was originally planning to get #64 done, but it didn’t ended up that way. Me and my friend had a little trouble with our orders, but we got it sorted out later. Surprisingly, I also got a new 32″ LED TV.

March 28th – April 3rd:

This week was very busy. Busy enough that A Week of Figure 64 was never done, but now time should free up some more. Throughout February & March, I actually stockpiled several posts. I decided to publish some of those stockpiled stuff, so look forward to new posts every-other day until it depletes.

Maguro-san takes a bite out of Miku’s negi!!

Whatever Haruhi is whispering to her other self, it can’t be good.  (>.<;)

Gills being back in full power means I’m good to go too!~

Spring (春 haru), tis the season for pink!

And Seto San is up here, who doesn’t seem to be very happy about being cut-off from the earlier photo. (T^T;)

Sanae-chan is in a really cute pose! And there’s Shiina ninja-ing behind her.

I bet your eyes were on Tenshi first. ^ ^;

Kureha is still sleeping in pouchy, Haku tries to wake her? Shana is looking kind of funny there. ^ ^;;

Saber leaps!

And Saber Lily doesn’t seem too friend herself. (T.T;)

And little-Haruhi is sitting on a bench by herself. なんか可哀相!Seems kind of lonely!

Two of my friends had a random conversion which I found kind of funny. I recorded it & here’s a quick summary of how it begin:

(Right): How many anime have you watched?
(Left): About 150-ish, including sequels.
(Right): When did you begin?
(Left): I started watching a lot since 1996.
(Right): 1996? … (continue with video)

A couple notes about this week: I have been watching quite a bit of Dead Space 2, tempted to get the game myself. I also had some awesome dreams from it. Ep. 396 of One Piece had one of the best punches I have ever seen. Didn’t get to play any eroge this week.

[All photos were taken today on a Nikon D5000]


4 responses to “A Week of Figures 64 & 65

  1. divinelight April 5, 2011 at 19:15

    nice photos again.

    150? I haven’t counted mine, but maybe about 25-40 series (many are not finished though)

    • FlawlessExa April 5, 2011 at 23:36

      Thank you. ^ ^
      I haven’t count mine either, but my friend said that counting sequels separately, he approaches to about 300…

      For me, counting sequels separately, it’s maybe 50…

  2. LovelyAthena112 April 8, 2011 at 06:33

    Love the first pic ^^ & congratz in your TV! XD

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