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A Week of Figures 66

April 4th – April 10th:

All memories escapes me except that my first loots for April arrived! Yay, I got my puchi Taneshima Popura and 2 mini-cushions of 千歳佐奈 (Chitose Sana) & 竜胆ルリ (Rindou Ruri) from 天神乱漫 (Tenshin Ranman). Speaking of which, I’m close to ending my first route in that game. Also started Touhou 7 despite never beaten 6, and gotten back into Gundam VS Gundam Next+ after a hiatus. ^ ^;

Alright, let’s start off with cute Miku-chan here. ^ ^

Here are the 2 mini-cushions mentioned earlier. These are made by the company Broccoli. I absolutely love how they put the characters’ names the correct way. ^ω^

I liked Sanae’s pose, so I kept it for another week. ^ ^;

Cutie Kureha is still napping. She’s adorable isn’t she!? Which reminds me of the Sleeping Kureha photoshoot. You need to see it if you haven’t.

Hmm…Haruhi is sleeping too. No photoshoot of her unfortunately. Me wan sleep too. (°ω°)

Nya-!? I’m being spied on nya-!


Still trying to find time to take all of the photoshoots that I want to take. Not only for photoshoots for time for other things such as reading manga/ light novel, posing with figures, games, sleep, and also stuff for university as I got accepted. >.<;

[All photos taken today on D5000]


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