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A Week of Figures 67

April 11th – April 17th:

This week I had planned to start Dog Days but I kept forgetting, so one of my friends urged me to. When I was about to DL it, another friend said he doesn’t care whether I watch it or not (even though it was I who told him about the show). At that point I just lost all motivation and I probably won’t watch it (at least for now).

This Saturday had amazing lighting so please enjoy the photos. (^ω^)

I seem to really like starting off posts with Miku. ^ ^;

I actually didn’t change any of the figures’ poses. I didn’t really had time and I also really liked the poses. Some new loots arrived so a couple figures’ locations moved but not a lot changed.

And here is Nendoroid Puchi 種島ぽぷら Taneshima Popura who arrived last week! ちっちゃいカワイイ!


Another photo of Miku with Sanae-chan next to her.

I haven’t took a photo of Neru in a long time! This photo is wonderful. (^ω^)

Now for my newest figure, 1/8 千石撫子 Sengoku Nadeko by Good Smile Company!

何これすごい!撫子かわいいよ~ かわいいよ~

(> (>) (>) (> (>

I’m smiling like this too when I see these photos! ^ ^

But Saber Lily is as serious as always. ^ ^;

瀬戸燦 Seto San is serious too. Probably because I haven’t even uploaded two awesome photos of her…

Below are some of the Angel Beats! Petites. So many of these photos are used for the tabs all the way at the top! My collection is sure growing bigger…


Other things that I did this week was (finally) finished Zoids Genesis. I also got a few shows I feel like dropping but I guess I’ll preserve through them. All of a sudden, I got a new cellphone without notice. Nothing else really happened, see you next week~

[All photos were taken on Saturday, April 16th with the Nikon D5000]


5 responses to “A Week of Figures 67

  1. divinelight April 18, 2011 at 19:59

    How lovely figure photos like usual, keep it up.

    For your next post about Yuki, I really like it because usually Yuki has no expression.
    like this shot: http://i53.tinypic.com/veuipl.jpg

    I’ve been thinking of reviewing figma yuki too, already have photo session but waiting for mood to write the post

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