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A Week of Figures 68

April 18th – April 24th:

This week had a lot of late -morning days so I was quite satisfied. I was able to finish Vol. 2 of 神のみ (kami nomi) and I look forward to reading Vol. 3 tomorrow. I started watching Strike Witches and to my surprise, I’m really liking this show. Too bad that the names are flipped backwards. :(

I organized my desk a little bit. Now most of my Nendoroid Puchi are right in front of the monitor, with Yuri & Tenshi right at the center. ^ ^

I also printed some base deco for the Nendo Puchi but I haven’t cut them out yet. I might make a post on that.

Nya? Nyanya, nyaa, nnya!

One of my favorites of all time, Sanae-chan is very adorable indeed. *nods* (°ω°)

Of course, that’s not to say that the other Nendoroids arn’t cute! Kureha is such an angel!

Many Petites. ちっちゃかわいい!

Awesome battle between Black Rock Shooter and Black Gold Saw. BGS has such an awesome design, I want to review it but it will need to wait. Please ignore the ugly background, I hate the curtains too.

My desk, right and left. The left side is starting to become much more populated compared to a year ago.

I rarely take photos of Haruhi these days. *sigh* In fact I hardly photos of many of my figures. I need to do something about that…

I need to take some good rest. Just some more time and it feels like things are getting better. Perhaps I need to clear my mind a bit. I hope that the upcoming weeks are more relaxing like this past week was.


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 68

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