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A Week of Figures 69

April 25th – May 1st:

It wasn’t a very bad week but I can’t really recall much. I began to type some of my posts in Japanese, with friends on Lang-8 to help me correct them. The Japanese for April Loots  took very long, I figured that I need to broaden my vocabulary.

My favorite shot for this week. Other than this shot, lighting for the other photos felt awkward and I wasn’t able to do much about it. Not a lot of photos this week.

I made these poses based on their respective scaled figure from GSC. Saber Lily needs her own Super Movable Edition!

I like this face part for Saber.

Bad lighting is bad, but I thought this was worth showing.

I believe that this is all of my Nendoroid Petites (except for the ones that I haven’t opened). Not quite an army yet.

Kureha~ This photo feels so dark. T^T

I really need to change my habits and learn how to enjoy life some more, as weird as that may sound. I’m sure that a lot more things will be accomplished if I do so. Sounds simple, but it’s taking me a while to progress through.


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