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A Week of Figures 70

May 2nd – May 8th:

I believe that this week was a pretty annoying week. But let’s not talk about that. Good things this week: read some pages of OreImou light novel, read 2 chapters of KamiNomi 3, worked on OverFlag (WIP 4 soon), took some photos. Since it is May, I updated the 2011 Railgun Calender post with May & June’s illustration.

What I really like about this photo is her puni-puni hands. (°ω°)

I wonder when was the last time I took a photo of Neru…

Kurisu-chan doesn’t seem very happy. (;¬.¬)

But Theia is pretty happy. ^ ^;

This week I wasn’t able to play around with the dusts or dust them, most apparent in this photo. Sorry Azunyan! >.<

A bit dark, but I have not taken a photo of Luka in a long time. Big cat.

1st photo of 秋山望美 Akiyama Nozomi by herself! I really need to start taking photos of everyone more often!

Long time no see, Black Rock Shooter~

Seems like it may be a busy week next week. Not that it would change my plans, but my mood would be upset. Either way, priorities are drafting posts, type in Japanese and play with figures.


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