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1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 4 – [Backpack]


During 1/100 OverFlag’s WIP 2, I briefly worked on OverFlag’s backback unit. But I was not satisfied. Just flipping parts upside down and switching it to the other side doesn’t seem creative, plus I didn’t like how tiny the wings were. So recently I spent a lot of time redesigning the backpack unit.


In OverFlag’s WIP 3, I unlinked the hip thrusters & thinned down the “mini-wings”. Even then, it still gets in the arms’ way. After a lot of consideration, here is what I have decided to do. First I drilled a hole on the each of them.


The thrusters went through some more switching around. Then with a toothpick, some putty, superglue, and a spare polycap, I created the above.


Flip the hip thrusters upside down, attach and viola. All of the thrusters are now on the backpack. The large wings are completely removed since all they do is get in the way.


The hip is now empty and this was my initial plan but I have decided against it. I will come up with something new later.


No one would want to see that toothpick sticking out so the backpack unit went under further modification.


I drilled a hole on the right side of the thruster so that I can attach the rifle onto the backpack.


Like so above. Now it is time to primer it to check how it all fits in.


After being primered, I think that it is looking pretty good. Some minor refinement may be done but nothing major will change I think. There were 2 stickers on the thrusters that I forgot to take off before I primered it. Luckily I was able to clean the primer off the stickers. OverFlag testing out the backpack below:

今はいい感じだと思う。後で塗装するのは難しいかも知れません・・・ 次に改造するパーツは右足。難しくて、長い時間が掛かるかも。でも楽しみにしてください~

It is looking fantastic so far. Painting it later will be a problem though. ^ ^;;
Next I’m currently working on the right leg. Lots of work to be done so I’m not sure when the next WIP will be out. But so far, the work on the leg looks pretty good. Look forward to it~


3 responses to “1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 4 – [Backpack]

  1. chubbybots May 11, 2011 at 21:42

    Thats a fantastic redesign of the back pack mate! Thanks for sharing.

  2. divinelight May 16, 2011 at 01:47

    the backpack is custom made then.

    how you attach the rifle to backpack, the tube thing, what’s it?
    want to replace my Freedom wing connector which is broken…

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