Flawless Passion (Old Site)

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A Week of Figures 71

May 9th – May 15th:

My memories mainly vanished, but I’m pretty sure that I spent a lot of time working on OverFlag’s foot…My weekend disappeared really fast too, but I was able to finish Ika Musume. Such an awesome series, I’m really looking forward to 2nd season!

Neko Paradise! You can also see that I printed out a base deco-skin for Seto San.


Tako enlarged and came back alive. What to do?

The Sabers face off among themselves!

Now that the left side of the desk is hollow, I decided to move Index here. It is at a much better looking angle than up on the upper part of the desk.

Haruhi behaves by sitting down on the ground. Good girl!

Played around with Gills for a bit. I thought that this pose was kinda cool.

Very busy with stuff, OverFlag, wanting to do photoshoots, drafts and a lot more. Maybe I need a clone? Anyways it all will take some time. There is no need to rush since I don’t get a lot of views so I blog for myself.


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