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A Week of Figures 72 & 73

May 16th – May 22nd:

I introduced Kamen Rider Kabuto to a friend earlier, but this week we marathoned it. The last thing left is to watch the movie, God Speed Love. Nothing else interesting happened. I felt tired and lazy, didn’t touch my figures at all.

May 23rd – May 29th:

Slow and rainy week. I did get quite a bit of extra time on Friday so I finally played with my figures. I ended up boxing quite a few figures, mainly Figmas, to uncrowd my desk. That took the course of 3 days to finish. I also started playing a PSP game called Akiba’sTrip, it’s quite interesting. My friend is busy with Fanime.

That’s how I feel like sometimes too, Hachune.

Negligence resulted in dusts building up! T^T

And here I am to kick (brush) the dusts away.

No matter how many times I look at this figure, I simply can’t get enough of her. Too cute!! (^ω^)

I decided to equip Nadeko with her legs for a small change of scenery.

Moved Index around too. I plan on watching Index II in a couple weeks.

The old poses were simply awesome, but it is time I moved the Hiiragi twins around for a change. Posing slice-of-life characters are pretty hard…

I dug in one of my drawers and found this thing that I printed out years ago. I decided to make use of it by sticking it on my desk. The picture isn’t blurry but the illustration has a pastel kind of style to it.

Theia teases with Sanae~ ^ ^;;

Some Nendo Puchi on the corner of my monitor. This is the best thing about my monitor. Although it would be even better if it goes all around the border!

I almost boxed Saber Lily, but I manged to find this great spot for her. I also stuck a cellphone cleaner underneath the base to hang it. Brilliant idea! ^ ^

I moved Miku down and now I can take a photo of her much more easily. This figure is simply adorable with the proper lighting. (°ω°)

No comment. Reminds me of the old days with Dynames. ^ ^;;

Kureha goes with pink much better than I thought!

Miku and Neru are getting along for once…Still waiting for full-sized Nendoroids…

Nya~? Maybe I should feed her fish or taiyaki or some other yum-yums.

パンツ、ちゃんと見えるだぞ… I can clearly see your pantsu…

*sigh* Tough weeks ahead. But when it’s over, it’s over! Some last things to do…As for the blog, I’m still trying to get lots done for it. The main thing holding me back is really my poor Japanese. Lack of confidence makes me unable to even try…


3 responses to “A Week of Figures 72 & 73

  1. Blacksun88 June 3, 2011 at 12:40

    i saw popura-chan!!

  2. Gamer-san August 13, 2012 at 19:15

    Hey, how do you get Kureha to sit like that? She seems stable enough…

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