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A Week of Figures 74

May 30th – June 5th:

My Nendoroid Kuroneko finally arrived on May 31st after a shipment time of 3 weeks! I was getting worried but I’m glad that it arrived safely. May loots will be tiny, but I will get the post up soon. I finally ranked up to a Brigadier on Halo Reach and started to play Soul Calibur IV again, so difficult. Not much else happened, lacking sleep lately.

I modified Gills and Haruhi-tachi’s poses. Besides that, there really no changes to be desk. I also didn’t really felt like picking up the camera so very little photos this week.

I’ve been thinking about ending the A Week of Figures series or to change it into something else, since lately I haven’t been doing the series as it should be. And I will hardly bring much figures with me when I move out for university in a few months.

For the blog, I have started to re-edit old photoshoots and I plan on re-releasing them again, but on full-width pages so you can enjoy the photos better. I will also try to add Japanese text too.

Didn’t know what to do or where to put the Hatsune Miku straps so they are just hanging out on my desk.

I don’t really have much comments to say. There are still things to be done and it’s far from over. Currently, my plan is to just enjoy my day while working on the blog from time to time. My other custom projects will have to be slowly done when I feel like it, same for photos.


2 responses to “A Week of Figures 74

  1. Blacksun88 June 10, 2011 at 10:24

    no idea on what suggestion i can give but keep up the good job!

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