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1/100 オーバーフラッグ OverFlag WIP 5 – [Arms]


Although I said that I was going to work on the legs next, it is pretty hard and it is taking me forever to finish. So while I am slowly working on the legs, I decided to revisit the arms again for some adjustments.


First, I wanted to make the shoulders more compact and closer to the body. To do so, I needed to make a new shoulder joint. With just about no other resources to use, I made the new joint out of a spare polycap and toothpicks thickened with glue.


Seriously, I’m not lying. I’m using glue thickened toothpicks for joints. I really do wish that I have some kinds of metal rods though.


Next, I moved the wrist joint off to the side, and also shortened it too.


In order to be able to mount OverFlag onto an Action Base, I drilled a hole on the underside of OverFlag’s backpack. Now the Action Base’s joint can be plugged into it.


In the above image, OverFlag’s right arm has been done but the left arm hasn’t. The right arm is closer to the body and shorter, which I think looks more natural.


Articulation-wise, it is pretty standard. Details in the video below.


Normally, the articulation would be hindered a bit but I cut off a part of the shoulder to make room for the armor. The armor would hide this spot most of the time so it would not be very visible.


The left arm is done as well and now I need to continue working on the legs. It’s really quite a pain to be honest. There is still a long way to go before OverFlag will be completed. Even when the legs are done, the modding won’t be over yet.


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